Sleepy Studios is an independent developer based in London. We're currently working on CRAWLE - a sandbox dungeon crawler with a focus on realistic survival using mechanics such as hunger, thirst, diseases and wilderness survival such as creating your own tools, skinning animals for fur and creating shelters to sleep and manage your body temperature.

We're also working on THE TRIAL - a platformer with a focus on motivation. Collect motivation to run faster, jump higher and stay alive. The game also features a large variety of masks - each of which forces you to adapt to a different play-style.

We've also worked on a variety of game jam games, the most recent of which being: VIGILANTE 2084 (Cyberpunk Jam), YOU ONLY GOT ONE SHOT (Ludum Dare) and MIND TRIP (SleepyJam)

For all the latest news, updates and videos, follow us on these various websites: